The Dunces' Corner

18: TFE 2023

August 17th, 2023

TFE 2023 Live Show/Ask Us Anything/Buc-ee's

The Dunces record a live show at The Franciscan Experience 2023. Rock Star high-schoolers ask about the Immaculate Conception, why the authorities at the time of Jesus decided to kill him, God and gender, the problem of evil, the ethnicity of Jesus in artwork, and why angels aren't depicted in art as they are in the Bible. Hunter and his hair return from grad school. Julia the theo minor becomes a high school proxy. The original Dunce, Bl. Scotus, proves his worth. Surprise, surprise, Dr. Whidden and Hunter bring up St. Anselm. Bucc-ee's doesn't sponsor this episode but they should. Still, snaps all around.

TFE is a one-of-a-kind high school theology institute that introduces students to the riches of the Catholic faith through communal life, mass and liturgy of the hours, academic theology, service to the poor, and daily prayer. See

Shout out to Noah Slate and his random unofficial Bucc-ee's anthem (

Shout out to Hunter's hair.