The Dunces' Corner

17: The Eras (Cosmic History) Tour

July 21st, 2023

Eras of Church History/Tay-Tay vs. Mayer/Mouth Sounds

You think Tay Tay's tour is big? Just you wait. Through the powers of the Dunce DeLorean, Catherine takes us to her cave in the desert and drops some St. Anthony on us; Rachael steals some pears with St. Augustine; Dr. Whidden gives you a double dose of monasticism and the One which nothing greater can be conceived; Matt almost dies then riffs on St. Francis and Sister Death; Cameron asks about the good and the difficult with the Angelic and Common Doctor; Dr. Pedraza takes us down the river of doctrinal development with Cardinal Newman; and Jadyn learns patience from Bishop Sheen. Episode includes theology as Taylor songs and a lot of mouth noises.