The Dunces' Corner

16: Vulnerable before the Vulnerable God, w/ the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

April 14th, 2023

Becoming Men and Women of Communion/Vulnerability and True Community/Either-Or Game

The end of Lent was Lenty. Dr. Pedraza went to a symposium on formation. Rachael talks about her NET community in Ireland. Sr. Ref gets real about the Lord doing work. Matt dropkicks instagram and fake friends. Then the CFRs bring the holy fire about community life and how to break free from shame and isolation. Br. Mariano is "sorry" that the Dominicans only have 2 doctors of the Church while the Franciscans have 3. Fr. Mark Mary gives us a lesson in the physics of communion and the anthropology of fatherhood and motherhood. And he gets some nachos. Shout out to Postulants Mike and Ross!

"Happy Happy Game Show" and "Sneaky Snitch" songs courtesy of Kevin MacLeod, from