The Dunces' Corner

15: It's a Man's World... and That Kinda Stinks

March 28th, 2023

Dr. Angela Franks on Misogyny and the Feminine Genius/Gender in a Man's World/Which is the Worse Penance?

The Dunces welcome Dr. Angela Franks from St. John's Seminary to talk about her article, "Why Does Higher Ed Throw Women Under the Bus?" and then open up about church jobs, the femine genius, and the spiritual motherhood of religious sisters. Dr. Franks gives a teaser for her bioethics lectures on gender. Rachael tries to dunk on Dr. Pedraza, and Sr. Refugio joins the show for the first time. Matt joins for the first second time, whatever that means. The show ends with a rousing game of "Which is the worse penance?"