The Dunces' Corner

19: Dr. Joe Vukov and A.I. vs. Meat Computing Machines

October 31st, 2023

Dr. Vukov/Feast of St. Francis/A.I. and Humanizing Technology or Technologizing Humans/A.I. vs. Meat Computers

Dr. Joe Vukov from Loyola Chicago visits the Dunces' Corner to talk all things Artificial Intelligence and Technology. Josh and Ben join the show. Dr. Vukov shares his conversion from Protestant to atheist to Catholic and the harrowing story of how he became a philosopher. The Dunces talk about whether A.I. is actually intelligent and if the human brain is a mere meat computing machine. Finally, Dr. Pedraza and Dr. Vukov put Rachael, Sr. Ref, Josh, and Ben to the test against Does A.I end up terminating humanity in this catechizing competition? You'll have to find out.

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This desctiption was not made with A.I. but might have been better if it were.

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