The Dunces' Corner

21: TFE 2024

July 10th, 2024

TFE 2024 Live Show/Ask Us Anything/Air Horns Everywhere

The Dunces are back live at The Franciscan Experience 2024. Dr. David Moser joins the show with old-timers Dr. Pedraza, Rachael, and Josh. New majors, Ignazio and Chandler, get in the mix, and Chris the Philosopher makes a long overdue appearance. Stellar high school students share some of their favorite memories from the week and how they found Christ in the Eucharist, theological study, the poor, and each other. They also ask some tough questions about God's love and our sinfulness, Creation, the ending of the Glory B, the "unforgivable sin," and Dr. P's guitar playing "skills." Oh, and Josh has big news, and it's the Year of Chris.

TFE is a one-of-a-kind high school theology institute that introduces students to the riches of the Catholic faith through communal life, mass and liturgy of the hours, academic theology, service to the poor, and daily prayer. See

Shout out to Kevin McLeod for his "Elevator Music."